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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Silence Says It All

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Still no word on whether or not the Sox are bringing back Theo Epstein, or whether they'll let the Cubs talk to him. The lack of any answers or public announcements from the ownership shows that they're is likely something going on, in my opinion. If they were fully planning on keeping Theo next year, they'd have simply rebuffed the statements and carried on. John Henry in tweets said next week he'd begin making calls and maybe doing interviews for the new manager opening in Boston. If Theo is to leave, it could make for a really eventful offseason, as the GM situation will need to be cleared up before the Sox begin resigning players and making moves to fix this team before next year.

Theo has one more year in his contract and the Red Sox should save themselves the potential problem of being both managerless and GMless at the same time. All this is a distraction from putting a good team on the field, which needs to be a priority.


In other Red Sox (or former Red Sox) news, Terry Francona took a job as a Fox Sports analyst for the ALCS. The Rangers knocked out the Rays last night. Hopefully Detroit will finish off the Yankees in New York tomorrow night.

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